No this is not about Hegel, Habermas, Epikur, Kant, Bloch or even Friedrich Nietzsche. Thus, the term “Philosophy” is apt for qualification at this point. Also, the buzzword “Corporate-Identity” will not carry us much further, since it is not appropriate either, because – on the one hand – it is too turgid, and – on the other hand – it is too amorphous.

The answer is actually quite simple: The term “philosophy” refers to our self-conception as attorneys. It is not only represented by the founding partners, but also by the entire team, who see the following concept as the threefold basis of our firm:

For one, the conception that the quality of our work is more important than the quantity of our clients, is more than just an empty promise. The history of our firm as well as all our activities are a reflection of our continuing commitment to excellence concerning both the profound handling of mandates and the expectations we have of a successful attorneys personality.

All this leads to our second guideline: our conception as successful lawyers in our work with and for the client is that we count on the persuasive power and the effectiveness of the lawyers personality. It is our primary goal to represent our client; to achieve the best possible results we are determined to fight for our clients cause in the advising stage as well as in forensic disputes.

Last but not least, the third and fundamental pillar our self-perception rests on is our desire to go beyond mere legal consultation: In addition to (or maybe even because of) our commitment to legal excellence, we will always bear in mind the “big picture” and thus go beyond mere legal advise.


The law office of Westpfahl Spilker Wastl was established in June of 1992, at the time signing with the firm name of Westpfahl, Spilker and Partner. Initially, four lawyers were working for the firm. The founding partners Dr. Marion Westpfahl and Dr. Ulrich Wastl are still with the firm today. Ever since its establishment, the firm and its founders have had an excellent reputation regarding the handling of complex and confrontational cases. This reputation was particularly based on the successful handling of international legal matters whereby they were focusing on the law of economic offences as well as on general economic and corporate legal issues.

Based on this commitment to excellence, we have successfully established the firm as a competent contact regarding factual as well as legal questions arising in complicated legal matters. Beyond our focus, the classical forensic and advisory activities in the field of commercial law, new fields of expertise have gradually emerged, including company law, banking- and capital market law, the law of economic offences as well as real estate law. In all areas the firm’s most important principle has always prevailed: our highest priority lies in treating the case to be assessed in the best possible manner. In other words: quality instead of quantity. We intend to maintain this principle, which is also reflected by the firm’s careful yet continual growth. Currently, there are 8 lawyers working at Westpfahl Spilker Wastl in Munich. Their personalities continue to shape the firm’s exquisite reputation.